LIVE @ Orvieto Cathedral
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LIVE @ Orvieto Cathedral
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March 6, 2021
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See the magnificent Duomo di Orvieto (Duomo di Orvieto, Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta) in the city of Orvieto.

The cathedral, located in Piazza Duomo, shows a facade with golden mosaics, a rose window, three large bronze doors and other elements from the fourteenth to the twentieth century. The Cathedral of Orvieto took almost three centuries of construction, until its completion in 1591 in the Italian Gothic style.

Inside there are wonders including the fresco "Madonna Enthroned with Child" painted in 1425.
The city of Orvieto stands on a flat top of a steep hill offering exceptional panoramas, landscapes and underground passages. Orvieto is also known for its white wine.
To explore this wonderful city in the Italian region of Umbria, find our map at the bottom of this page.

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